Eyot Bench

Image credit: © Ben Sage Photography

The Eyot bench came as a welcomed offspring from the Jenson Room-Divider collection. We followed the honest and well-made craftsmanship of the vertical up-right pieces into the leg design. The rounded form of the legs mirrors the shape of the bench top surface.

The Eyot provides an ideal seating solution for lounges, waiting areas, receptions and gallery spaces to name a few. Eyot is available in custom lengths and in a large variety of contract grade fabrics.

With gained interest for the avoidance of petroleum-based products and flame retardants. We have been testing and researching eco-friendly materials for the past 3 years. Focusing on providing internal sustainable padding for our seating elements.

We decided upon using coconut husk, Natural latex and spun British wool.

Coconut trees are currently grown in more than 98 countries worldwide over an estimated area of 12 million hectares. Only a fraction of the quantities of coconuts that are collected are for industrial use and are based on the meat whereas the fibres are seen as a waste product.

Our latex is both natural and biodegradable. It is a renewable material derived from the rubber tree. The rubber tree can be harvested for over 20 years without cutting the tree down. Making it a sustainable choice.